Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tetris QAL Week 1

I know I haven't posted in awhile, so you get three posts today to make up for it! Yay! 

I joined my first QAL, which happens to be a Tetris Quilt-along over at Happy Quilting.  Great timing because I had recently promised a friend I'd make him a Tetris quilt. I'm a couple weeks behind on this post, but by the end of my 3 posts today I'll be caught up with the QAL again. 

 Here are my 5" charms
 And laid out so you can see the colors I chose. I was being kinda picky about the black fabric so it took me awhile to find decide what I wanted. For good reason though, my plan is to make the game a losing game, so there's going to be more black than the other colors. I also tried to find black that had some grey swirled in it so it looks like an old static-y TV
 Here's the grid I used for week 1 (and week 2, but ignore that 'cause we're not talking about week 2 yet :) )  After I filled in the grid, and then looked at Melissa's week 1 block, I realized they were exactly the same! OOPS! I guess we have the same strategies when playing Tetris! I thought about changing it, but decided not to. I figured since I didn't even look at her finished block before I made mine, and there were bound to be some duplicate blocks in the QAL it wouldn't be too big a deal.
 All the pieces stuck up on my design wall. I love how convenient it is! (I know I've been using it long enough I shouldn't still be excited about it, but I can't help it, I am!)

And my finished block! 1 down 5 to go!

I'm linking up to Week 1 of the Tetris QAL

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  1. So glad to have you joining in. I love the solids!!!