Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Little About Me...

Hey Everyone!

I have decided to start a blog! It's going to be mostly about sewing and quilting, but I'll probably throw in some of the other crafts and hobbies I do. (I have a lot of random interests, as you'll soon see :) ) 

A little about me-- I started sewing here and there at a semi-young age. My mom and grandma taught me the basics, but I'm also self-taught (much of it from blogs!). I really like sewing as a stress reliever; few other things make me feel calmer and happier.

I have several projects that I've started but haven't finished, but plan to soon so I have something to blog about! Part of the reason I wanted to start a blog is to focus more on quilting and other crafts. I have also gotten so much inspiration from other blogs, I hope to spread a little of that inspiration to others. 

I'm really excited to be part of the online crafty blog community and hope to interact with some of you soon. Also, I love comments, so feel free to leave lots : )

More Soon

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